imitri was delighted to undertake such a wonderful challenge when Wise Thoughts, a North London arts charity, asked him to facilitate a short series of drama workshops. It was even more interesting because they suggested that he develop a one act production of his own choice as the basis of the teaching program. Luckily, he had at hand a dramatisation of the mesmerising story, Swifts, by Dominic O'Sullivan, a most unusual and spiritual writer.

From the very first session he realised that all the participants had a great deal of ability, commitment and a capacity to work well together as a team. With active assistance from the staff members of Wise Thoughts and from the playwright himself they were able to work much more quickly and easily towards their goal. Also, as a part of Magic Factory, he can say that as with previous projects there were lots of highly qualified and professional friends who made a big impact on the quality of the final performance.

By using a minimum amount of props and generally concentrating on the 'actor/empty space' concept Dimitri managed to depict the slightly cold and mystical atmosphere central to O'Sullivan's story. The textual and visual sides of the performance were well balanced by highlighting the differences of delivery between the characters; dance and stage movement being used to delineate their differing inner worlds.

Swifts was performed in the autumn of 2004 as part of the Haringey Open Studios Event, an arts festival in North London.

Performed at the Karamel Club, Wood Green, London N22 on 25th November2004.
Performed by Christopher Butler, Raquel Baetz, Frederic D'amore and Ron Aitken.
Written by Dominic O'Sullivan. Directed by Dimitri Devdariani.
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