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ritten by Dimitri Devdariani, The Window is a story of the unconventional love between a cello player and his instrument. Yes, the cello turns into a pretty woman and declares her feelings for her owner.

But is he ready to accept them? Especially when there ia a carnival in the city with a Window hanging straight down from Heaven and giving rise to such fascination among the people who live there...

The London version of The Window was the author's personal interpretation of his own script. Originally written in Russian, the play gained some new qualities when translated into English. The new language triggered some new monologues and even whole new episodes in the play.

Colourful costumes by Stephen du Toit brought the characters to life and helped  the actors to portray them. Probably these vibrant colours reminded the critics of "some unknown East European location", but in a way, this sentiment was shattered by the multi-national origins of the cast and the original music by Simon Shannon which transcended national boundaries.

The Window was the first dramatic project for Magic Factory as well as for Metropolitan Community Church, North London, who sponsored and hosted the production. This collaboration was a big learning experience for everyone involved and much benefit was derived from it.

The more experienced members of the cast had an opportunity to share their skills with younger members and to receive a good dose of fresh and innovative ideas from them.

The attempt to bring theatre back into an ecclesiastical environment turned out to be a great success. It was an interesting and at times an uneasy experience, but will be surely remembered by all participants with much warmth and a not a small amount of nostalgia.


Performed at the Metropolitan Community Church, Camden Town, London NW1 between 1st and 12th June 2004.
Performed by Gemma Poncia, Geertje Dunning, Lulu Karenina, Simon Shannon, Becky Haigh,
Thomas McMahon, Oscar Romp, Ella Scott, Mary-Lou Harris and Darren Travis.
Costumes, masks and set designed and made by Stephen du Toit.
Written and directed by Dimitri Devdariani.

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Photographs by Paul Brown