ong of a Forgotten Summer was the first major introduction to an English-speaking audience of the outstanding, unique and original works written at the beginning of the last century by the Russian fantasy writer, Alexander Grin. Our hope was that it would help western audiences to discover this hitherto unknown gem of Russian literature.

Alexander Grin was often called by his contemporaries the Russian Edgar Allan Poe. His beautiful but somewhat dark and slightly disturbing fantasy world truly has a distant resemblance to Poe’s writings. However, Grin’s voice is totally unique. The writer created his own imaginary seafaring nation that inhabits an archipelago somewhere near Europe. The adventures of Grin’s heroes are exciting, full of startling discoveries, unusual humour and deep philosophical revelations. Essentially his stories are profound fairy tales for adults; parables that try to uncover the eternal mysteries of life, love and death.

The collection of short stories that inspired this play highlight the complexity of human emotion and portray a deep understanding of nature.

For Grin there is no boundary between life's daily existence and the mystical world of dreams. His brightly coloured characters never get tired of seeking the true meaning of life and are not afraid of lifting the veil that conceals the deepest mysteries of the universe. The knowledge they receive may sometimes be lethal, but their bravery is stronger than their reason.

Grin encourages us to always stick to our dreams; no matter how difficult, or how cynical the attitude of the surrounding society. He never gets tired of warning us about the importance of the true calling, and never compromising when it comes to the major questions of life.

Following a successful staging of The Last Adventure in 2006, a one act play adapted by Dimitri Devdariani from Grin's writing, Magic Factory is delighted to have staged in April 2007 a full length performance based on the work of this unusual author. Go to The Last Adventure

A Magic Factory production
Performed 3rd to 22nd April 2007 at Theatro Technis,
26 Crowndale Rd, London, NW1 1TT

From the original stories by Alexander Grin and adapted for stage by Dimitri Devdariani

Director: Dimitri Devdariani
Design: Stephen du Toit
Artwork: Michael Ward

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Photography by Anna Krsikova.