he Sorceress is a dramatisation of the acclaimed and enchanting novel, Olesia, by Alexander Kuprin. It is a story of an outstanding young woman whose love and life are destroyed by the unforgiving, ignorant and superstitious mentality of the people around her.

Deeply routed in Slavonic mythology, Olesia raises questions surrounding a woman's fate, her relationship with authority and the right of an individual to be who they truly are. Sadly, as Kuprin tells us, those who dare to be themselves are not only victims of the state, but more so of their fellow human beings.

This play was reviewed by Resonance Radio 104.4FM in the programme "On The Fringe", broadcast 2nd October 2006
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  Performed at the Lion and Unicorn pub theatre,
Gaisford Street, Kentish Town, London NW5
between 26th September and 9th October 2006.

Cast: Helen Millar, Linda Large, Nabil Stuart, Jud Charlton.
Director: Dimitri Devdariani
Design: Stephen du Toit
Stage management, light & sound: Aleister Kapsaski

Artwork: Michael Ward
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