Magic Factory is currently offering three products:  Original jackets by Stephen, original artwork by Dimitri and high resolution prints of Dimitri's artwork,  signed and numbered by the artist.

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The jackets are each a designer original, signed and numbered by the designer - no-one else in the world will have the same jacket as you!  The three models shown above give you an idea of what is possible, and it is easy to incorporate your favourite fabrics, buttons or colour schemes.  The standard size will fit a 40'/100cm chest/bust, but they can be made to individual measurements too. Prices start at £75 per jacket. Click on the image above to see more and/or to make a purchase

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Dimitri's drawings (297 x 420mm) are signed by the artist and are available at £45.00 each as originals. High-resolution prints (200 x 250 mm) are available at £10.00 each. Click on the image above to see more and/or to make a purchase.

Both Stephen and Dimitri are available to facilitate creative workshops at £15.00/hour within the Greater London area.   Dimitri can offer the following workshops:  Drama, Creative Writing (Poetry, prose or play writing) and Free Drawing.  Stephen can offer Textile workshops in a variety of  media and techniques, Papier-maché sculpture and Mosaic.  Both are  available to design costumes or scenery, and Stephen is also available to make costumes or individual fashion items, and to draft modern or period patterns to individual measurements - just right for fancy dress or a special party!

Dimitri is available to create custom-made plays, prose or poetry on any subject, and has also written song lyrics.  Stephen has experience of speech-writing, report writing and editing, and has worked on English-language versions of  works translated by authors whose mother tongue is not English .

Dimitri is also available to teach Russian language and literature at any level from beginner to advanced, and has experience as a translator and interpreter.  Stephen has considerable experience of working as a French-English interpreter in a business context and is also fluent in Flemish/Afrikaans.